Monday, February 4, 2013

What's Cooking?

I've been fairly busy of late, doing layouts, formatting cards, writing and editing text and a variety of other small jobs in the service of my horror roleplaying game, EPOCH.  Other people have been busy too - folks have been contributing scenarios, editing, producing art and layout at an almost alarming rate!  My sincere thanks to everyone who's taking this journey along with me.

Below is a list of what's currently in the works for EPOCH (cross-posted from the EPOCH blog).  All dates are still fairly tentative:

  • Revised EPOCH PDF including all new card art (Q1, 2013)
  • Print on Demand EPOCH softcover book (Q1, 2013)
  • Print on Demand EPOCH card deck (Q1, 2013)
  • Frontier of Fear, a collection of 4 EPOCH sci-fi scenarios (Q1, 2013)
  • EPOCH treatment of The Cold Shore a scenario of 19th century shipwreck (Q1, 2013)
  • As yet unnamed World War 2 EPOCH scenario collection (Q2, 2013)
  • As yet unnamed collection of Boston Crime scenarios for EPOCH (Q2 or Q3, 2013)
  • As yet unnamed collection of Haunted House scenarios for EPOCH (Q2 or Q3, 2013)
  • EPOCH: The Experiment Continues, an EPOCH companion containing optional rules, scenario writing advice, mini-series rules, new cards and more scenarios (Q2 or Q3, 2013) 
Questions or comments welcome as always.


  1. Awesome sauce. Where do you plan to do the POD card deck? I wasn't aware it was possible.


    Still very new. I'll post pictures of the proof deck once they arrive.

  3. Interesting. Thanks.