Monday, March 5, 2012

Gaming in 2011

It's the second birthday of TPK, and I'd like to thank you for stopping by to read my thoughts on all things gaming.  Last year at this time we (Morgue, Cam , Gareth and I) had just released The Aotearoa Gambit to support some of the real heroes of the Christchurch earthquake (by the way, it's currently on sale).  It remains something I'm proud of, although it's hard to believe it's been a year since we worked on that.

At that time I set some goals for the next 12 months, and I thought I'd better check in and see how much progress I made against them:

1. Continue to run my Kingsport Tales campaign.
Alas, this I failed to achieve.  Other campaigns took precedence and Kingsport languished.  I'd love to return, and plan to try and recapture some of that old Kingsport magic with the slow burn of 'Beyond the Mountains of Madness' later this year.

2. Run Masks of Nyarlathotep – Pulp Edition.
Check.  It was great fun - my thoughts on the campaign are here.

3. Run a Rogue Trader mini-series.
Check.  I'm in the middle of running Lure of the Expanse right now, my thoughts on it are here.

4. Run a Superhero mini-series.
Check. I ran Reverie for a great group of players, and posted about it here.

5. Attend upcoming Wellington tabletop roleplaying conventions.
Check. I attended, and ran games at Day of Games, ConFusion, Fright Night and Kapcon.

6. Write and publish EPOCH
Partial check.  I've almost finished the first draft of my character-driven horror roleplaying game, but there's still a fair ways to go before I publish it.

7.  Write and submit a scenario for Fear Itself
Nope,  this remains something I'm interested in doing, although I'm currently pouring all my thoughts and creativity into EPOCH, and it seems hard to imagine spending any time on a horror game that wasn't EPOCH as it represents my best efforts in this genre.

8. Write and submit another scenario for ICONS

9.  Write and submit a monograph or scenario for Call of Cthulhu
Check.  I wrote Sundown a Call of Cthulhu Adventure of the Old West to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Call of Cthulhu.

So how about the next 12 months?  Well here are my goals:

- Finish and publish EPOCH
- Write a good selection of scenarios for EPOCH
- Run the Call of Cthulhu campaign Beyond the Mountains of Madness
- Run the Warpstorm Trilogy, a Rogue Trader campaign
- Attend upcoming local tabletop roleplaying conventions
- Write and publish my Call of Cthulhu resource
- Write and possibly co-run a zany disco based game with Mike

What about you?