Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fear is Contagious

I am extremely pleased to note that Liam has added another EPOCH scenario to the Kapcon lineup.  This means that scenarios using EPOCH now number around 10% of the unique ‘con games at Kapcon 22 and account for roughly 8% of the total sessions run at the ‘con (excluding Day of Games).  It’s now possible to play an EPOCH scenario in every session of the ‘con except round 6.  That’s a pretty decent effort all things considered, and I think it shows how much fun folks have had playing EPOCH in recent months.

In fairness, EPOCH is specifically designed for ‘con outings, so if there was anywhere that the game would get play - this would be patient zero.  The game works to shape player expectations and allow for cooperative play between players and GM while preserving a largely traditional format.  However, I think it’s fair to say that it’s hard to visualise the way the game works just by reading the rules.    

There are lots of moving parts (Audience Ballots, Flashbacks Outcome and Hero/Zero cards etc.) in EPOCH which mean, I think, that it’s hard to get a sense of the overall picture of game-play.  I guess what I really need is a sound recording or a you-tube video of an actual play, or something similar… is this a good idea?

In either event, the Kapcon EPOCH line-up looks like this: 

Round 1: Red Gold 
Round 2: Fever Pitch, Pleasures of the Flesh 
Round 3: Space Station Icarus 
Round 3.5: EPOCH After Dark 
Round 4: Death in the Streets 
Round 5: Price Slash, Red Gold, Space Station Icarus
I hope you’ll come along and play a session.

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