Saturday, December 22, 2012

Roleplayers Chronicle Review EPOCH

The Roleplayers Chronicle have just posted their review of EPOCH, scoring it at 9 out of 10 overall.  I have to say, it's a pretty positive review, which makes me think that other folks have been able to replicate the experience and enjoyment I've been having with EPOCH - which is really terrific. 

"EPOCH is epic! This is more than just a role-playing game, in that it is also a new kind of narrative tool with the power to improve your storytelling and role-playing in general. EPOCH is a cooperative game, meaning that the players and Game Master work together to weave a quality horror story. It is a contemporary horror game, but the elements of the game can easily be ported to other genres...
I have been enthralled by EPOCH. This is a totally new way to run a role-playing game and is extremely satisfying. EPOCH is also educational, and the mechanics force a cooperative structure and atmosphere that can enhance the play of other role-playing games as well. Get it." [Read the full review here]
The review also highlights one of the main barriers to initially running a game, namely the number of cards that you have to print and cut out before you can begin. Work is underway on a print-on-demand card deck so that this is not a major problem, so long as you don't mind buying a card deck  -  once you've got one deck, you shouldn't need anything except a horror track for each scenario and some secrets and ballots.

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